My intent is to capture every moment: the big moments, the little moments, and all of those in between. With a camera in my hand and a smile on my face, I'd love to be your photographer. I love people, I love what I do, and I feel beyond blessed to be given the opportunity to be a part of your story. I hope to hear from you soon.
    -Rhiannon @ ZoLu


Make Every Moment

Hey friends!
    My name is Rhiannon. My husband Jake and I started ZoLu Photography together in 2014 and have two beautiful children, Zoe and Lucas (ZoLu). Though I am the one generally behind the lens, Jake and I both have a passion for photography. We have a motto: "Make Every Moment Matter." Our goal at ZoLu Photography is to capture EVERY moment that matters most to you. I found an immediate devotion to family portrait and wedding photography.

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